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Fifty Thousand



Our first DSLR was a Canon Rebel XT (aka, 350D in the rest of the world). We purchased it in February 2006 just a few months before, and in anticipation of, Nate's birth. We knew that shooting film was going to be far too expensive after our first child was born, both because of the rising costs of film and processing, and because of how happy our shutter fingers were going to be.

In December 2009 we added the Canon Rebel T1i, in part because of the pending birth of our second child, and in part because Heather and I were tired of picking up the one camera and having it in some bizzaro setting and not realizing it until too late. We both enjoy photography (especially with a DSLR) and each having our own camera was the right choice.

Since that time, the XT/350D has been my primary, day-to-day camera. And while I use the T1i quite often at home (especially for macro photography, because Live View == Awesome), the XT travels with me everywhere. I take it to work every week, and I carry it around on the weekends.

Yes, it's 7 year-old technology, but I know what it can do and I know, pretty much, what I can do with it. Sure it has many faults, especially compared to the more modern cameras, (the AF system, in particular, leaves a lot to be desired), but I'm able to make 11x17 prints with its 8 megapixels and I that's plenty for my needs.

I'm sentimental about "stuff." It's who I am. I'm fine with that. :)

And so, I'm very happy to see that this XT, running on its original battery, has made it to another milestone: 50,000 photographs taken.

Nate and Lily - 50000th photo taken by our Rebel XT
Nate and Lily - the 50000th photo

I set up this photo as a reproduction of our 40,000th photo, which was shot in February 2011.

Who knows how long the XT will last? If I could have my way, another 20,000 shots before the shutter goes would be nice, but it could be any day now. We have certainly gotten our moneys worth out of this camera and it has put up with all the abuse I've handed it so far. I can only hope our T1i will last this long.

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